Bob Roiblat

Bob Roiblat

Principal Consultant
Innovation and Produce/Service Expansion

Bob Roitblat is a distinguished entrepreneur, author, and coach with over three decades of dynamic experience steering businesses across diverse industries through the volatile realms of entrepreneurship. As a master of innovation and strategy, Bob has championed the development of business models, processes, and products, steering companies through every lifecycle phase. His vast experience encompasses high technology, distribution, construction, manufacturing, and professional services, benefitting governmental and non-governmental agencies and educational institutions alike.

Bob’s philosophy equates the business world with yacht racing, emphasizing leadership, teamwork, and swift decision-making. His Outcome-Focused Innovation Process aids organizations in cultivating a goal-oriented mindset, enhancing their competitive edge for sustained success. Renowned for transforming top ideas into bottom-line results.

Bob enjoys sailing—a passion that informs his professional ethos and approach to business innovation and leadership.

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